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PRIVATE VIEW:  Wednesday 27th April from 6pm - 8:30pm

EXHIBITION:       28th April - 4th June 2016


50 GOLBORNE are delighted to invite you to ASTRONAUTS OF INNER SPACE,  a collaboration between British conceptual artist Kate Daudy, Italian designer Paola Petrobelli and Swiss sound artist Philippe Ciompi, orchestrating the transformation  of 50 Golborne Gallery into an immersive installation with an aim of making one experience an interior space in a different way.


The whole will evoke William Burroughs' 'inner space', where the conscious and  the unconscious combine to provoke memories and thoughts from the observer and to celebrate a full absorption into the living of everyday life.


Kate Daudy’s practice draws on the ancient Chinese literati tradition of what art historian Alois Riegl calls “aufmerksamkeit”, the pouring of oneself into the world around one. Using what she looks at as a form of spiritual diary she writes her experience of the object in or on the object, examining the shift between states, between the sublime and the prosaic, the monumental and the throwaway. Daudy will take over the gallery space with textual compositions that she cuts from felt and will position across the walls, windows and furniture over the course of ten full working days.


The installation includes a selection of Paola Petrobelli’s Venetian glass pieces. Eschewing the purely decorative, Petrobelli favours the functional in her work producing delicate, rigorous pieces. Disposed sparingly in the gallery space, they punctuate Daudy’s personal calligraphy as well as Ciompi’s minimalist sound extracts.


Philippe Ciompi’s practice of recording the textures of the incidental, the vibration  of places, examines the nature and the effects of what we hear, however faintly, everywhere and all around us, at all times. Philippe Ciompi’s soundscapes chosen for the installation are based on his vast collection of different qualities of near- silence and thematise the interactions and shifts between inner and exterior spaces.


Daudy’s words and Ciompi’s sound inform the gallery space and Petrobelli’s lights and fixtures much like the ancient Chinese literati tradition Kate Daudy reveres, where inscriptions on objects are there to provoke memories and thoughts from its observer and to celebrate the appreciating of beauty in everyday life.


Daudy and Petrobelli and Ciompi's works, with their attention to detail, reverence for traditional working systems and dedication to process present grounds to draw parallels. This rich collaboration culminates in an exciting discourse between the practice of artist and designer and the convergence of their ideas of transference and exchange.


About the Artists:


Kate Daudy is a British conceptual artist, living and working in London. She studied Chinese in Oxford and is a linguist with a command of 9 languages. She is focused on what looking feels like and making a visual record of that experience, on any number of supports.


Daudy has exhibited internationally in single and group shows at institutions including Southbank Centre, London, Parcours Saint Germain des Prés, Paris, Les Recontres d’ Arles, Arles, Sara Kay Fine Arts, and Salon 94, New York, Haunch of Venison, London, ArtCop 21, Paris. Her works are held in private and public collections.

Kate Daudy, Triptych (Pop Music is the Only Truth)  2015. Wool, felt and velvet embroidered on to swiss paper. 91/70cm

Philippe Ciompi, is a sound designer & sound artist trained in Switzerland,  Berlin and London, collects sounds, soundscapes and field recordings and re- organizes them into aural constructions that he uses in films, for the gallery, in sound performances or radio pieces.


For this project, he will draw from his collection of near-silences recorded all over the world, imprinting subtle shifts and displacements in the gallery space. Ciompi works with a wide array of artists and filmmakers, including Ben Rivers & Ben Russell, Andrew Kotting & Iain Sinclair, Xiaolu Guo, Pia Borg & Ed Lawrenson, Basil da Cunha and many others. His solo projects have been presented in contemporary music festivals, on stage and in various galleries.

Paola Petrobelli is an Italian glass designer, born in Padua. Originally trained as a microbiologist, she left her first career path to become a glass designer. She lives and works in London.


Petrobelli has from the onset of her career worked exclusively with Murano Glass and its famed Venetian artisans. She is interested in the simplicity and functionality of glass, combining sensuous shapes and architectural line with  sophisticated colour.


Petrobelli’s work has been exhibited internationally in single and group shows. She has collaborated with Gallery Libby Sellers in London, Perimeter Art and Design in Paris and Nilufar in Milan. Her work has been shown at the Triennale Design Museum in Milan, the Salone Del Mobile Milano, The London Design Festival; and at fairs including Design Miami/Basel, the Pavillion of Art and Design in Paris and London. Petrobelli has been commissioned Wallpaper Magazine, Christian Dior and Peroni.

Paola Petrobelli, 24

Paola Petrobelli, Contenitore

Paola Petrobelli, Modules B

About the Gallery:


Since it was opened a year ago, 50 GOLBORNE gallery has been offering exciting contemporary art and design projects in the North Kensington vibrant market street Golborne Road.


50 GOLBORNE was founded by Pascale Revert who previously created the Paris -based Limited Editions Design gallery Perimeter art&design. With Perimeter she developed objects and furniture with such design luminaries as Pierre Paulin, the Campana Brothers or Aldo Bakker and participated in prestigious Design Fairs internationally such as Pavillion of Art and Design London and Paris and Design Miami/Basel.


While keeping the Perimeter’s Design catalogue, Ms Revert decided to open the remit of her new London venture 50 GOLBORNE to examining the convergence between contemporary art and design, breaking down the boundaries created by the artificial separation of creative fields.


Interested in portraying and interrogating a world which is changing fast and in which the African continent plays a dynamic and significant role, 50 GOLBORNE also focuses on introducing emerging artist and designers from Africa or African descent in London. These include; South African ceramicists Astrid Dahl, Ardmore and Andile Dyalvane; Ivorian sculptor Jean Servais Somian, furniture designers Cheick Diallo and Babacar Niang; artists Wura-Natasha Ogunji, Emo de Medeiros and Joanna Choumali. 

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