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Kate Daudy

Kate is interested in what looking feels like, and making a visual record of that experience. A linguist who speaks nine languages, her work is influenced by writers and thinkers of diverse cultures and historical periods. The spiritual is her main concern. Through re-contextualisation, she shares her love of the everyday, and deifies the ordinary.


Her work explores the places in between, the anonymous shifts and overlaps between East and West, the structured and the casual, the banal and the sublime, the academic and the sensual, high culture and trash, in all of which she is fully and whole-heartedly engaged. Her main influence is Chinese calligraphy and culture, but her love of the late gothic / early renaissance period appears in the formal naivety of her work, particularly in the portraits of trees.


Her love of the ordinary, as well as influence from the arte povera movement, led her to work in Chinese ink which she ground herself in the traditional way, on apparently value-less Kraft wrapping paper. 


Kate draws inspiration from Duccio, Duchamp, Van Gogh, Takashi Yasumura, Chinese Scholars’ Rocks, Cornelia Parker, Odilon Redon, Helleu, Hilma af Klint and flotsam and jetsam from the gutter-merchants of the Golborne Road. She is an admirer of the 19th century Viennese art historian and philosopher Alois Riegl and his theories of 'aufmerksaikemt'. This is the pouring of one’s self into what one is looking at, the giving of attention. Riegl believes the viewer bringing his or her whole self and life experience to an object is what gives it its significance. 




UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees)

Hay Festival Segovia, Spain 

BIAS Palermo 

Valladolid, Spain 

AidEx Conference, Brussels 

Centre Flagey, Brussels 

Edinburgh International Festival 

SOAS, London 

Migration Museum, London

Launch of World Refugee Week, Hull City Centre 

Counterpoints Arts, London  

Selfridges, London 

Tucson Museum of Art, Arizona 

Mesa Arts Centre, Arizona 

Yorkshire Sculpture Park, UK



The Alice, Seattle 

50 Golborne, London 


ARTCOP21, at the Eiffel Tower, Paris 

430 E Cooper Avenue, Aspen 

502 West 27th Street, New York 

Septieme Etage, Geneva


Cafe Les Deux Magots, Paris 

Les Rencontres d'Arles, France 

Salon 94 Bowery, New York 

Louisa Guinness Gallery, London 


Southbank Centre, London 

Bonhams, London 


Marie Victoire Poliakoff Gallery, Paris 

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