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Chris Bramble

Born in London, UK, from a family with roots in Guyana, Chris Bramble found his passion for ceramics during college in Hastings, specialising in the craft at The Glasgow School of Art.
He further honed his skills in Zimbabwe, before earning a master's degree in sculpture and multimedia from Westminster University after which he established himself as a sculptor and ceramicist in 1988. When he returned to England his work became more figurative, and he began to combine hand-built sculptural elements with thrown ware. 


His style blends the European and English ceramic technical heritage, and African sculpture influences. His work is inspired by the Black Atlantic narrative, and African Modernism. He has looked, and is looking into the notions of syncretism, and hybridisation, to capture the spirit and heartbeat of today's global Diaspora and black-influenced global culture. 

Dedicated to encouraging the practice of ceramic, and to creating a community in North-West London, Chris manages the Kingsgate Studios in West Hampstead. One of his mentees has been his daughter Freya Bramble-Carter who is pursuing a career as a ceramicist in her own right, while participating in running the Studios. 

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