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Eman Ali, a London-based Omani photographer and visual artist, challenges cultural nuances in Khaleeji societies and women's representation in the Arab world. She believes that women have taken control of their own narrative and have more agency in how they choose to represent themselves. Eman's powerful and cinematic photographs explore the boundaries and systems that govern our lives and shed light on the untold norms of Gulf societies. She examines themes of national identity, history, memory, and power, incorporating her personal journey into her art. Her work also delves into the absence of certain aspects from history, using a contemporary lens. Eman's projects include Utendi, which explores the power of the feminine in Swahili culture, and Succession, a book that examines archives, memory, and truth in the context of Oman's history. Her recent work has been showcased at international art fairs, and she is praised for her unique and strong voice in presenting a contemporary view of life in Oman and addressing societal taboos and sensitivities. Overall, Eman Ali's art offers a transformative and personal perspective on the region, preparing us for a brave new world.

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