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Eman Ali's series, "Banat Al Fi'9a" (The Silver Girls), combines photography and artificial intelligence to retrace the transformative journey of two young Omanis in a territory overshadowed by patriarchy. Through this visual project, Eman Ali aims to deconstruct the barriers that confine women while drawing inspiration from the history and symbolism of her homeland. In an interview, she describes herself as an Omani visual artist who employs her artistic practice as a means to question society and explore the complex history of the Arabian Peninsula. Eman Ali's interest in unraveling mysteries and forensic science led her to photography, which she perceives as a medium for exploration, research, and in-depth investigation. She works intuitively, embracing fluidity and allowing her creative process to unfold without being attached to specific outcomes. In addition to photography, she incorporates text, sound, and installations into her work, using them to enhance her projects and bring substance to her ideas. Eman Ali values experimentation and seeks new ways to cultivate her creative energy. The "Banat Al Fi'9a" series transports viewers to an imaginary world where two young women challenge the oppressive rule of Sultan Said Bin Taimur and cultural norms in 1960s Oman. Set in a time known as the "dark ages," where modern objects were forbidden, the protagonists embark on a journey across the country, defying the difficulties of traveling during that era. With grace and determination, they transcend feminine conventions, pursuing their dreams and unleashing their artistic expression. The series incorporates the symbol of silver jewelry, emblematic of Oman, which takes on a retrofuturistic quality, enveloping the women's activities and representing their emancipation. Artificial intelligence plays a significant role in the project, allowing Eman Ali to explore the creation of images that go beyond photorealism. She embraces the imperfections and uses AI to evoke emotions and a sense of "elsewhere" rather than striving for perfect replication of reality. Overall, "Banat Al Fi'9a" is a visually captivating series that challenges patriarchal norms, embraces imagination, and harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to create a unique and thought-provoking narrative.


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