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The series "Banat Al Fi'9a" (The Silver Girls) by Eman Ali combines photography and artificial intelligence to revisit the transformative journey of two young Omanis in a society haunted by the specter of patriarchy. Drawing from the history and symbolism of her country, Eman Ali constructs a fairy tale that aims to deconstruct the barriers that confine women. She is inspired by the struggle for freedom and independence during the revolution in Oman, particularly highlighting the role of women who often remain in the background. The two heroines in the series are fictional characters, representing Eman Ali's younger self and the sister she never had. Their stories reflect the obstacles faced by girls in a patriarchal society and celebrate the happiness that emerges in adversity. The masks they wear symbolize the experiences of women who dream of independence and the right to determine their own existence. The series captures the magic of childhood and draws on the whimsical elements of traditional tales to explore themes of self-discovery, courage, strength, and independence. It encourages individuals to pursue their dreams while staying true to themselves and embraces the importance of individuality. Eman Ali emphasizes the necessity of dreaming as a means to confront the difficulties of reality, offering a barrier-free world that provides strength and new ideas. Her father's experiences under the regime of Sultan Said Bin Taimur influenced her narrative, blending fact and fiction to create a nuanced perspective. Influences from female artists such as Ana Mendieta, Judy Chicago, and Manal Al Dowayan also shape her work, with their spirits merging with the young girls as they embark on their journey through a tension-filled landscape. Overall, "Banat Al Fi'9a" is a captivating series that uses storytelling to challenge societal norms and empower women, while drawing inspiration from the rich history and artistic influences of Oman and beyond.

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