In Your Blood We Float With Confidence
When A Stone Cracks, We Don't Stitch
Eman Ali
3rd September - 28th September, 2019
Group Show
Works On Paper
9th July - 3rd August 2019
Marie-Claire Messouma Manlanbien
Forces Field
21st May- 22nd June 2019
Safaa Erruas
Home Inside Out
27th March - 25th April 2019
Belkis Balpinar
Red Sun
7th February - 9th March 2019
Emo de Medeiros
6th October - 3rd November 2018
Willie Cole, Phyllis Galembo, Leah Gordon, Emo de medeiros; Group Show
Out of the Whirlwind's Radiance
23rd August - 29th September 2018
Justin Steimer and Terrence Musekiwa
The Watchers
4th - 28th July 2018
Group Show
From Dakar to London: Anatomies, Design and Objects
30th April - 12th May 2018
Rita GT
Escola ao Lado | School next door
22nd March - 18th April 2018
Group Show
Photography, Drawings & Design
5th December 2017 - 5th February 2018
Malala Andrialavidrazana
Echoes and Figures
5th October - 25th November 2017
Olalekan Jeyifous, Jake Singer
The No Longer And The Not Yet: Lagos x Johannesburg
5th July - 31st July 2017
Cheickou Ba
25th May - 21st July 2017
Jean-Servais Somian, Cheick Diallo
The Space Between
16th March - 17th May 2017
Dreams Are Like Water
30th November 2016 - 18th January 2017
Emo de Medeiros
7th October - 20th November 2016
Olalekan Jeyifous
Not My Business
9th September - 30th September 2016
Group Show
The Garden Of Earthly Delights
16th June - 26th July 2016
Kate Daudy, Paola Petrobelli
Astronauts of Inner Space
28th April - 4th June 2016
Joanna Choumali
26th February - 2nd April 2016
Group Show
Alchemic Design: Transforming Materials
28th November 2015 - 10th February 2016
Cheickou Ba, Mamadou Seydi
14th October - 2nd December 2015
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