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EXHIBITION: 27th March - 17th May 2019

Safaa Erruas work explores ideas of the body and borders through the meditative abstraction of visceral objects. In order to navigate notions of visibility through materiality, the artist often creates a contrast between soft (cotton, paper, skin) and sharp (needles, wire, glass). This new body of work, for her first solo exhibition in the UK at 50 Golborne Gallery, focuses on how to place home in a state of migratory flux. Erruas’s meticulously delicate yet resilient pieces imagine skin as both a geographical border and symbolic barrier between our internal and external worlds. Memories are distilled into soft ruptures – itinerant movements into sharp meditations. In this search for belonging, Erruas creates physical manifestations of home where the inside goes out, individual collides with collective, and topographical gestures become intimate, narrative layers.

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