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11th FEBRUARY - 29th MARCH 2015

African Renaissance group show is curated by artist and designer Pierre-Christophe Gam. It unfolds the imaginary art and design collection of a fictitious young couple from Lagos in Nigeria. Kolade Affogbolo is an architect and his wife Remi who originally hails from Angola is a lawyer. The Affogbolos are emblematic of a new generation of global citizen of African origin, locally rooted in their tradition and culture but with at the same time a distinctive global outlook. Their collection includes photography, furniture and objects that were carefully chosen to investigate the tensions between tradition and the acceleration of changes that characterize the contemporary African metropolis.


African Renaissance is an exhibition shown in two parts and includes:

photography by Cyrus Kabiru, Namsa Leuba and Baudoin Mouanda; digital work by Pierre-Christophe Gam; furniture design by Cheick Diallo, Bless and Babacar Niang and ceramics by Ardmore Studio.

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