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50 Golborne is pleased to announce its presence at Art Paris Art Fair 2017 with Africa as Guest of Honour

Private View:      29th March

Public:              30th March 2017 to 2nd April 2017
Private View:      29th March, 6 – 10pm

Venue :             Grand Palais, Paris


















 Wura-Natasha Ogunji, House of Dance, 2017, thread, ink, tracing paper, 60 x 60cm


50 Golborne is delighted to present at Art Paris: a selection of new artworks by Wura-Natasha Ogunji and Emo de Medeiros, and new designs by Jean Servais Somian – artists, and designer, we introduced at the fair for the first time last year; and new pieces by Olalekan Jeyifous, who will be making his debut at the fair.


A vision of ultra-contemporary and fluid hybridity haunt the three emerging artists of the same generation who also have in common a cross continental outlook (the US and Nigeria for Ogunji and Jeyifous; Benin and Europe (France) for de Medeiros), a strong conceptual stance (Ogunji and Medeiros respectively read ethnology at Stanford and sociology at Ecole Normale Superieure Ulm before graduating from art school; Jeyifous has a degree in architecture from Cornell) whilst having no hang-ups in playfully embracing form, figure and colour in powerfully visual artworks.


In her exquisitely stiched drawings on trace paper,  Wura-Natasha Ogunji depicts intriguing narratives, fleeting moments of interconnections between the private and public spheres that occur in the urban sprawl of Lagos where she lives. She has just shown an important body of work at the Kochi-Muziris Biennale and has an upcoming exhibition in Brooklyn.

Emo de Medeiros, who uses electronic technology in his work, elaborates multi-media and  complex  pieces in which the material and immaterial fuse literally and metaphorically; as in the Vodunaut, a sculpture/object  of  a  head intriguely covered in cowry shells, that has ‘eyes’ we gaze into that takes the viewer on an hyptonic journey via video-work plugged into a mobile phone device. His work will be part of the exhibition Afriques Capitales after having just shown in Munich as part of the Flux of Form/Form of Flux exhibition.


Olalekan Jeyifous uses the language of Achitectural practice - collages, drawings, model, sculpture -  and interblends heteroclite motifs and shapes to create hybrid structures that are a socio-economic critic of the urban world we live in. His work is visible right now at Where is Here at MOAD, San Franciso before a new show Utopia/Dystopia at MAAT in Lisboa.


A new  Sculpture/Bench by the Ivory Coast based designer- maker Jean Servais Somian will complete our exhibition at Art Paris: carved raw coconut palm tree trunk, it complements the series Les Demoiselles de Grand Bassam that has been exhibited extensively (Musee Dapper, Paris; African Design Days,Casablanca).





50 Golborne is an art and design gallery located on Golborne Road on the northern edge of Notting Hill, London – a vibrant market street within a rich community of mixed economic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds. 50 Golborne’s mission is to investigate the convergence between contemporary art, design and craft. Breaking down the boundaries created by the artificial separation of creative fields, 50 Golborne supports and promotes some of the best creative projects developed by international artists, designers and makers. It especially supports those relevant to portraying and interrogating a world which is fast changing and in which the African continent plays a dynamic and significant role.




50 Golborne gallery

50 Golborne Road,
London, W10 5PR




50 Golborne is within easy distance of Westbourne Park (Hammersmith and City line) and Ladbroke Grove (Hammersmith and City line) underground stations.

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