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Temandrota (his official name is Randriahasandrata Razafimandimby) is a multi-media artist who is based in Madagascar’s capital city: Antananarivo. Born in 1975, he attended Antananarivo University, after which, in the absence of any Fine Art Schools in the entire country, he resolved to teach himself, attending a great number of Art Residencies at home and abroad.


His work draws inspiration from the indigenous Tandroy people who live in the Southeast of Madagascar—of whom he is a descendant. His paintings mix materials that are traditionally used by the Tandroy people such as sisal, earth, roots, sap, and cane with acrylic and spray paint, on a base of handmade paper that he makes from reclaimed newspapers and raw sisal. Each work is conceived and made within protocols the artist sets himself that incorporate intangible aspects of the Tandroy’s culture including meditation practices, traditional dance, and music.


Temandrota’s paintings recall Art Brut, aspects of the gesture of Abstract Expressionism, and elements of Arte Povera. Yet it is uniquely contemporary in distilling, from an insider’s perspective, the complex interconnections between ancestral, indigenous cosmogonies and the most recent concerns in soil science, landscape, climate change and spirituality.


In turn, embedding scraps of electrotonic materials to his paintings, the artist also touches on the "Third Revolution" brought up by the access to digital communication by most Malagasy, questioning this "Acceleration" - as defined by the German philosopher Hartmut Rosa -and how it sits within Malagasy's society.


Temandrota’s work has been shown regularly in Madagascar in the last 10 years, in Institutions as well as in the many ‘guerrilla’ exhibitions he has organised both in and outside the capital city. His other exhibitions include Musee du Quai Branly,Paris; Cite des Arts, Paris; Fondation H, Paris; French Institute, Tokyo; Biennale “ Art Actuels”, La Reunion. He was the recipient of the first “Paritana” prize (2017) organised by Fondation HJ, which awards the best Malagasy artist of the year. 

He attended many residences abroad including: Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris; Arts dans les cites, Rennes, both in France; William Kentridge Art Centre, Johannesburg, Greatmore Studios, Cape Town, both in South Africa; Fondation La Revue Noire, Port au Prince, Haiti.

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