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7th OCTOBER - 20th NOVEMBER 2016

Emo de Medeiros is a visual artist who works between Paris, France and Cotonou, Benin. He works in diverse media and explores art’s link with spirituality and sacredness.


"Emo de Medeiros has become known for his innovative approach to the languages of craft, design and digital technology through a wide variety of forms. Living between Cotonou (Benin) and Paris, the artist employs notions of place and identity to question their context within our increasingly globalized culture. Embracing the crafts and cultural traditions of his native country, Medeiros's practice spans video, sculpture and found materials, experimenting with everything from traditional Beninese textiles and ritual traditions to electronic music and digital technologies. Passing through these specific histories, languages, symbols and geographic regions, the remaining objects are loaded with a unique capacity to interrupt stable identifications and categories..."

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