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Jakob Dwight

Originally trained as a painter, American artist Jakob Dwight, born 1977, was drawn to digital software as an opportunity to explore the transformative impact of digital media on painting and the painterly perspective. Inspired by the opiated, meditative quality of the screen-based televisual space,


Dwight saw the illuminated image as significant to contemporary sensory culture. With his abstracted animations, the artist seeks the transformative potential of light and space by employing multiple media including painting, digital photography and collage.

Based in New York, Washington and Atlanta, Dwight’s work has been exhibited internationally, including in Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Berlin, Atlanta, Vienna, and New York. He was commissioned by the Seattle Art Museum to create new work for the Disguise: Masks and Global African Art exhibition at UCLA's Fowler Museum, which travelled to the Brooklyn Museum, New York in April 2016.

Jakob Dwight_MSK01 (01920)_HI.jpg
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