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Mamady Seydi

Mamady Seydi is mostly known for his sculptures and installations. He models animals and hybrids that represent various human features and personalities. Inspiration is drawn from his imagination, as well as from Senegalese proverbs and tales. An example of these traditional tales is ‘Leuk le Lievre’, a collection of stories and initiatory tales written in 1953 by Abdoulaye Sadji and Leopold Sedar Senghor.


In the same way, Seydi’s bestiary is a pretext to keep recurring a language denunciating human stupidity. His animals representing the human society and mirror human defects such as weakness and meanness. The darkness depicted in the human nature echoes the fact that Mamady Seydi’s studio is far from the city hustle and bustle. When he is not caring for the beautiful fruit trees he grows, Seydi paints, draws, and create mixed media sculptures and installations. The ink used on his works on paper and the material used on his installations are unique media. They are made with both industrial and natural products, by a recipe developed by the artist.

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